Our Process

Let’s Get to Know Each Other

  1. Complete our online questionnaire which will help you get beyond, “we need to do something with our yard”, or simply call us at 403-279-7857.
  2. Regardless of you being referred to us, seeing our vehicles at a neighbours or on the road, or through your online research; we are always pleased to hear from prospective landscape clients.
  3. We will call you back and schedule an initial meeting at your home.
  4. It is important that the key decision makers be present for this initial meeting in order to develop an initial list of both of your wants and needs, and your vision for your yard and garden.
  5. This is more of a get to know you, get to know us meeting; we will listen to your likes and dislikes about your yard and garden, ask you questions about views, privacy, drainage, how you intend to use the yard/garden (children? pets? low maintenance, love gardening?)
  6. This meeting will also allow you to determine if the Calgary Greenworks approach is the right one for you and from our perspective we learn of your expectations regarding time-lines, scope, phasing and budget.

Landscape Design

 At Calgary Greenworks we believe that a superb landscape begins with a great landscape design.

  1. After the initial meeting, we ask that you give some thought to our approach and contact us if you have questions or would like clarification.
  2. When you give us the go-ahead and the design retainer, your design process starts.
  3. The first on-site design meeting is intended to walk your yard and garden with you to listen, suggest, observe and comment on mutual thoughts and ideas.  Our role is to artistically translate your style and needs into an amazing outdoor reality.  At this time we will also require a copy of your Real Property Report so that we may accurately establish your property lines for the base drawing.
  4. Our designer takes back the information gained at this meeting, including any photos or sketches you might have, measurements he has taken and starts creating the base plan which outlines in broad brush strokes items to be removed such as decks, fences or patios; place makers are identified to establish shrub beds, lawn areas, new or expanded decks or patios, new fencing and gates, tree locations, dog runs, raised salad garden beds, lighting, irrigation, etc.
  5. Your second onsite meeting is scheduled to present the base line plan, to listen to your comments about location, sizing, changes, additions or deletions; as well as to initiate a conversation about materials, specifications, colours, heights, maintenance, etc.
  6. Informed by the conversation about the base plan and the new input on materials and specifications, a draft plan is prepared identifying in more detail what your vision is for your yard and garden.
  7. This draft plan is again presented to you for final tweaks and edits.
  8. The final revisions are made and you are presented with the hand rendered final drawing.
  9. A final invoice for the design phase of the project will be sent or presented to you.
  10. Now that the plan is complete, we are now ready to prepare a quote for your consideration.
  11. As we did the design, we know and understand what we specified in the design and what materials we show, allowing us to give you a fixed cost quote and not an estimate.
  12. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding the fixed cost quote at any time.
  13. Upon you giving us the go-ahead for the quote, we will prepare our standard contract customized for your yard and garden and final plan including a schedule of materials and tasks to be undertaken by Calgary Greenworks.
  14. Upon our receipt of the executed contract we will invoice you for an initial deposit at which point your start date is scheduled.

Scheduling Your Project

  1. Given Calgary’s short growing season, the sooner we can schedule your landscaping project the higher the likelihood of getting it accomplished before freeze up. While there are some aspects of landscaping that can be done longer into the fall or earlier in the spring, the selection of trees and shrubs, plants, etc. is limited the later in the season we go.  To have the best selection of plant material, having your project into scheduling by April ensures you optimum plant selection.
  2. In your contract we will have provided you with a commencement and completion date. Given the unsettledness of Calgary’s weather, we occasionally may have to extend either date to accommodate rains, snowfalls, frosts, etc.  To the extent possible we manage our work to minimize the sliding of your schedule.

Pre-Construction Stage

Prior to our crews showing up on site our manager will contact you to confirm the start date, contact Alberta One Call to identify any underground utilities, communicate any last minute requests or changes or information and to clarify hours of operation, clean up and site washrooms.  Additional information about children in the house, pets, and neighbours concerns, etcetera can all be addressed.

Construction Starts

  1. The day you have been waiting for arrives, as does our crew, equipment, materials, sub trades etc.
  2. Once the project is underway we will invoice you with a commencement invoice as per the contract.
  3. Work progresses, some days maddeningly slow, others you’re pleasantly surprised as to how much has suddenly been done.
  4. Our Operations Supervisor and or Manager are on site regularly to monitor the quality of the work being done. This quality control ensures you the best results possible.
  5. Depending on the size of the project and or its duration, we may also invoice you for a progress claim as stated in the contract.
  6. Finally completion day arrives, last minute checks on lighting or irrigation, fire pits, bbq’s is done; all our equipment is moved to the next job, our crew says good bye, and it is time for the final inspection.

Post-Landscape Construction

  1. During the final inspection, your questions are answered, notes taken of items needing adjusting or fixing (if any), you are shown how the lighting and irrigation systems operate, and you are then left in peace and quiet to enjoy your new yard and garden.
  2. A completion invoice is then sent or presented to you, leaving a final holdback amount to be billed in approximately 45 days from completion.
  3. Weather permitting, any item needing adjusting or repair is done.
  4. If because of the time of year we are unable to complete the project (before freeze up) we will schedule the completion for the following spring and adjust our completion invoice to that of a partial completion and invoice accordingly, leaving the balance of the completion invoice and the adjusted holdback amount until the work is completed in the spring.